Isis the Alchemist

I remember the Time


Miriam, the Hebrew prophetess; from the Dormition Church in Jerusalem; photo by Deror Avi The Hebrew prophetess, Miriam; from the Dormition Church in Jerusalem; photo by Deror Avi

Like Her fellow Magician God, Hermes Trismegistos (aka Thoth), the Goddess Isis is associated with early alchemy. In an alchemical text with the lengthy title The True Book of Sophe the Egyptian and of the God of the Hebrews, Lord of the Powers, Sabaoth, we learn of a particular alchemical method called the Tincture of Isis. Why are Isis and Her tincture mentioned in a book “of the God of the Hebrews”?

Perhaps it has to do with another famous alchemical text in which Isis plays the leading role and which seems to have a particularly Old Testament ring to it. The text is called Isis the Prophetess to Her Son Horos. We have only two fragmentary versions of the text. One comes from the 11th-century-CE Codex Marcianus, which was a collection of ancient texts and bits of…

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