Sirius Morticia

OH MY Visions! This photo came across my feed, a reconstruction of Queen Nefertiti. I was immediately struck.

For a few years now I have been in Contact with a Higher Dimensional being, who say’s she is my “Grandmother” (something about soul age/Family) ~ I did not understand what/who she was for a long time. All I knew is that she looked like Angelica Houston’s Morticia, and she was my spirit grandmother. Over a year ago she told me she is the OverSoul of the Star system Sirius.

I have pictures of Morticia in my article, yet I never disclosed why I use her image… well now you know… Home is where the Heart is, allow your Consciousness to follow your heart, All the way to your Star family!
Wonderful Confirmation… (Ancient Egyptians were from the Star System Sirius.)




  1. Well, two videos on YouTube, now this place in an attempt to find you on Facebook after I get the spelling of your name correct. Thanks! Kewl beenz.

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