Hybrid Horror ‘The Nightmare’ Brings Boogeymen To Sundance – Hot Clip



EXCLUSIVE: Director Rodney Ascher returns to Sundance with another macabre offering after filling viewers’ heads with Kubrickian conspiracy theories in his 2012 documentary Room 237. This time he’s aiming to keep Park City up all night with The Nightmare, a horror-docu hybrid that re-creates in chilling detail the terrifying dreamscapes of sleep paralysis sufferers.

The Nightmare SundanceYou’d think it’d be bad enough laying awake at night, paralyzed and helpless, in the space between spaces. Ascher’s subjects share another horrific thing in common: They report the same eerie visits by dark and malevolent shadow people. (Ascher’s not only the director but a member of the club who’s experienced the horror firsthand.)

Preferred Content and Content International are repping the title, which debuts appropriately enough on Monday at midnight. Pic is produced by Ross Dinerstein and Glen Zipper. Get a glimpse in Deadline’s exclusive clip above.

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