Diamond Peach Flower, Blooming Astral Plane

I am a Visionary, yet I seldom remember my dreams since my Kundalini awakening ten years ago.

Seconds before I awoke this morning- I found myself in an “Astral Scene”- this must have been lower astral? Because there were no stars- only darkness, but I could see… It Seems Hermes was Behind me, and a Man (name omitted) was beside me. We watched as out of the Darkness a FLOWER big and poofy- Grew and Bloomed before us. THe Color a translucent Peach- made of light- but more solid. Upon waking I am kind of shocked- Has NATURE made her WAY to the Higher Realms? We have never Had Nature there before. This was LOVE in Action- creating actual tanigle creations in the Higher Realms- I have never seen anything like it, and I have seen a LOT! If this was just a Symbol Hermes wanted to show us- It would be like his Normal Symbology- But no, we were Watching Life, Growth and “reality” in the Realms of the “UNreal”. I believe this indicates the MESHING of this PLANE of REALITY Earth) and The Higher Realms- which is what I have Been Waiting for- for 10 years, Since I was shown it Can Happen! Or rather Has STARTED to Happen! 3D Becomes 4D – The Pineal gland of Hue-man Kind, awakening En Mass.
“And the Diamond Peach Says- Mmm Yes, from Mountain Flower” Kate Bush- Sensual World.

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