“Men of the Earth, Brothers in Eternity, Shake your souls! AWAKE!
The hour so long waited for, the promised hour, has come.
Over the dark firmament of suffering Humanity is rising the Morning Star,
heralding the day when you will understand that man’s most sacred duty is to be Man – that is, to manifest LIFE, INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH and LOVE.
There is no higher aim, no vaster problem, and you who realize this will break the fetters with which Ignorance & Fear have bound unconscious Humanity,
will stand up free, and know yourselves to be the Eternal Manifestation of the Unmanifest, Witnesses of the Absolute, Sons of that GREAT ALL, whom you call GOD.”

A friend of mine- gave me this Poster- from the thrift store. I had not “read” it until I was in the middle of a Psychic reading with Another friend. This Art was Painted By a PRINCESS- and what it Says- Blows my Mind/Heart. “The picture was painted by Princess Marie Eristoff and the border surrounding the painting (with the figures, columns, and words) was created by Malcolm Thurburn. It was commissioned by Eugene Fersen, author of Science of Being and founder of the Lightbearers Organization. The name ‘Svetozar’ in the painting refers to him. It also came with a companion piece that explained the symbolism.” This is the best copy of the pic I could find.

“It is the hour before the Dawn: Darkness, Confusion, and Humanity anxiously waiting for the Light. At last, after so many ages of striving, of regretting, of praying before empty shrines, THE MESSENGER COMES – THE MORNING STAR. Herald the day of liberation has come.
His Head covered with the Helmet of Inspiration. His Eyes face Infinity and Eternity – Eternity and Infinity gaze through His Eyes.
In His Hands the Star of Wisdom, The Morning Star, the Flame that will burn up all human sorrow.
Clothed in White Linen, the Symbol of the Purity of His Purpose, and the Simplicity of His Presence; His shoulders broad enough to carry the World’s burden; His Arm strong enough to fight ignorance and fear.
The Messenger strides onwards, overcoming the night, trampling down prejudice, confusion, stupidity and apathy; leaving in their stead a wake of Loveliness, Symmetry, Reason, and Power. His Knowledge dominates the four elements of Nature: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water are conquered and made obedient to His Word.
The Double Star, the Star of sorrow becomes the Star of Joy, is the device engraved on the lintel above His Head.
He is the Messenger, the Master of the Hour, the One in whom all are embodied all who strive for
the Advancement and Liberation of their Brothers.

The Lightbearers”

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