Ferguson Ghost War – Ancestors

The Trigger: I heard Ferguson was the last place to abolish slavery. Now this being a fact or not, isn’t the point. Just hearing this set off a chain reaction of learning in my minds eye.
I work a lot with the 4th Dimension of the Astral Plane.. One of the kinds of spirits I deal with there are “Ancestors”, whom in this case I will refer to as Ghosts. Ancestors can be anyone in your family line that has passed, OR soul companions of one form or another. The ancestors that concern me here are the Ghosts who are Stuck in old patterns, Who Now either Have a Body- or Great Influence over a living soul. Basically these stuck ghosts souls- have “Skin in the Game” of current life.
Ghosts are ‘aware’ active reflections of the Soul. Ghosts are Stuck, and do not learn or grow. Their only hope has been to Incarnate- and try to do better and learn while in a Body. As we know the veils are Thinning- the 4th and 3rd are Merging, and These Ghosts- Are Exposed- to the Psychic.
What if Ferguson is packed with Old Timey slave masters and slave souls? What if this is a sort of a “Show Down” between old Blood/Soul Enemies? Seeing Ferguson as a Spiritual War of Ghosts- makes more sense to me than what I see in 3D reality.
I keep being Reminded of the first GhostBusters movie- where the Dead come back to life… If I am correct about Ghosts and Contracts- old wars playing out- Then Ghostbusters was right- the Dead do come back- but it is through our Flesh.

“What’s in your Head? Zombie!” ~ The Cranberries

~ FIN ~

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