Occult Lodge teaches the ‘Luciferian’ Philosophy

I am learning new things. I never studied the “Dark Side” of the Occult much- I am very sensitive. Yet duty calls… “Every Occult Lodge teaches the ‘Luciferian’ Philosophy.” William Cooper. He is explaining- Like Crowley Said to Dion Fortune- “There is no God, you are God.” That is when Dione quit the OTO, and began her hate of Crowley. A hate I join her in full heartedly. William Explains- the Luciferian philosophy is to “Become God” without a higher power. This is quite Laughable- and an Obvious, Obnoxious trick and trip of the EGO. I feel my compassion mixing with rage… what a sensation. Sizzle. (I was never part of an Occult Lodge, I took NO oaths. My Learning and Teachings come from a Higher Power)




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