chaos magick

“chaos magick, the postmodern version of occultism that shows you how to create your own rules for reality” – My Exposure to Chaos Magick- none, Chaos Magicians- Lots, They were all irresponsible, Immoral asses, some worse were Predators. I don’t touch the stuff Myself – Occult Priestess (cleaning up the Occult one case at a time) BTW I like Die Antwoord.

Taken from my Facebook Post –

They call MORALS – Dogma lol – NO! The Occult, You’re Doing it WRONG.  Yeah. I love RAW (Robert Anton Wilson) ~ yet morally and ethically they could all be put on trial for violations. This is my measuring stick – discernment – act like you know ya know? For Example: RAW- worked for playboy – bam – demonizing the feminine – assisting the masculine in emotional suicide – yeah – not a good thing RAW.

Dude Said: Gary Wayne “Morality is objective in nature. Moral relativism is no morality at all, just a slippery slope that justifies any action”

I went on to Rant-

What is the Golden Rule? If morality is Bendable – this is Darwinist- and I happen to think he was either an idiot or a reptilian – I see the “evil” in the materialist view. No room for morals- Just Do what your little Ego wills. I see this Trend among young Reptilians- Greed for Magick, not love, just Ego- Aggrandizement – which is “Satanic” – The Ego must be healed not taken for a joy ride. thank goodness for those Crystal Kids!



~ FIN ~



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