chaos magick

“chaos magick, the postmodern version of occultism that shows you how to create your own rules for reality” – My Exposure to Chaos Magick- none, Chaos Magicians- Lots, They were all irresponsible, Immoral asses, some worse were Predators. I don’t touch the stuff Myself – Occult Priestess (cleaning up the Occult one case at a time) BTW I like Die Antwoord’s Fight with Lady GAG.

Taken from my Facebook Post –

They call MORALS – Dogma lol – NO! The Occult, You’re Doing it WRONG.  Yeah. I love RAW (Robert Anton Wilson) ~ yet morally and ethically they could all be put on trial for violations. This is my measuring stick – discernment – act like you know ya know? For Example: RAW- worked for playboy – bam – demonizing the feminine – assisting the masculine in emotional suicide – yeah – not a good thing RAW.

Dude Said: Gary Wayne “Morality is objective in nature. Moral relativism is no morality at all, just a slippery slope that justifies any action”

I went on to Rant-

What is the Golden Rule? If morality is Bendable – this is Darwinist- and I happen to think he was either an idiot or a reptilian – I see the “evil” in the materialist view. No room for morals- Just Do what your little Ego wills. I see this Trend among young Reptilians- Greed for Magick, not love, just Ego- Aggrandizement – which is “Satanic” – The Ego must be healed not taken for a joy ride. thank goodness for those Crystal Kids!




Penned in 2015: “And this is your Ego On CRACK ~ Not ~ A New Occultism, the old one ain’t broke! Transhumanism is a Sick and Sad caveman interpretation of The Divine, Soul Crafted, Rainbow Light Body.
I am no longer taking questions…
figure it out yourself 😀
The Inverted, Upside down, Backwardness of the Science Mind gone full Psycho.
Enjoy!” Kore

The boxy brain of the left hemisphere, all math, no love. This Imbalance causes ego madness. This is How they say- Atlantis was Destroyed- Black magicians messing it up for Everyone! I am not reincarnating here again- so we best get it Right this time.



What CHAOS Sorcerers are up to: 
“CM relies heavily on older models of magick. The same tired bullshit about gods, spirits, and energy except with a caveat that this belief isn’t real faith, but only a temporary terra-forming of the mind in order to accomplish a goal and that we literally laugh it off at the end.” Ego on CRACK, the Mad Scientist modern Lucifer.

(the pretty angel who was full of himself). 

<– THE OCCULT: Still hidden from the Uninitiated (lol).

I try to study the real deal, yet as a teacher, I must look at what stoopid students, are doing in Pop Culture. That is One Messed Up DHARMA Wheel (#Adharma!)

Just like an Inverted Cross of the Xians. CM’s also use Blood, and teach others to use blood, on youtube. #Eris is going to Eat you, and I am gonna watch. REAL magick is Hidden, for this Very Reason. It’s not Hidden by people, but by Gods.

The only way to attain it, is through God. You know, My DJ. 

#Black #Magick #FaithNoMore #Cursed#VeryBadThings #Occult



~ FIN ~


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