Aspiration of Samantabhadra

REBLOGGED From Great Middle Way

Great Middle Way

To all the Buddhas, the lions of the human race,

In all directions of the universe, through past and present and future:

To every single one of you, I bow in homage;

Devotion fills my body, speech and mind.


Through the power of this prayer, aspiring to Good Action,

All the victorious ones appear, vivid here before my mind

And I multiply my body as many times as atoms in the universe,

Each one bowing in prostration to all the Buddhas.


In every atom preside as many Buddhas as there are atoms,

And around them, all their Bodhisattva heirs:

And so I see them filling

Completely the entire space of reality.


Saluting them with an endless ocean of praise,

With the sounds of an ocean of different melodies,

I sing of the Buddhas’ noble qualities,

And praise all those who have gone to perfect bliss.



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