Sympathy For the Devil!

William Baker  SAID: ” Satan as a term/word was either invented by the hebrews/Jews, and in their religion satan was not a fallen angel or devil figure, but like a heavenly court prosecutor working for/with/under the judge- Yahveh. OR as the “Satanic Reds” and ‘dark doctrines” suggest the hebrews may have gotten their term satan as a cultural inversion of the sanscrit/vedanttic SAT and TAN.

Satan is a archetype, satans proto-types are Set{egypt}, Ahriman{zoroastrianism}, Typhion and Apophis and some others. Depending on the referance points of the particular subsect.

Lucifer is NOT satan. Lucifer isn’t even in the bible to demonize. Lucifer is a latin word{two actually} lvx/lux and ferrer[or light-bearer}. Lucifer is an archetype whose prototypes are Prometheus, Enki, Qutzequatl, and others. Not mention of course Venus{the planet and the goddess} and Sophia{ain sophia; wisdom, limitless light- ain soph aur}, phanes, and others.

Lucifer and Satan both share Prometheus as a proto-type too, but then so does Christ{though christs main proto-type is Horus}. They also share Samael, and Pan; all depending on the the specific subtype of satanism or luciferianism.

Satan is NOT “light-bearer”. Satan is either ‘adversary”{hebrew} or Vedantic/sanscrit SAT{pure existence/eternal truth/BEING} and TAN{emanating/unfolding from or BECOMING} combined. Lucifer is ‘light-bearer”. The two are NOT synonymous; though there CAN be and sometimes IS overlap and valid linkage, they are NOT synonymous.”


William Baker  “Peoples Luciferian” blog is one of my own blogs.
There ARE Satanists who know their stuff, google and youtube John Allee and his site{or}, or “satanic reds” and “dark doctrines sat-tanism”.
For Luciferianism, check my blog and/or google and youtube “Jeremy Crow” {he’s a gnostic Luciferian}, or gnostic luciferianism or neo-gnostic luciferianism. Michael W.Ford is a Luciferian Satanist, he knows a lot of stuff as well. Just for starters of course”

from fb group STARSEEDS  .

PLEASE allow me to Introduce myself …


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