Dedication to Anpu or Anubis

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After much time ruminating on my experiences at a spiritual retreat several weeks ago, I have realized that Anpu/Anubis has never left my awareness. Sometimes fully present, other times only at a low-level in my consciousness, he has remained with me and my thoughts go to him again and again.

Today, Samhain of 2012, I have come to the realization that I need more direct interaction with Anpu, and am choosing to do a self-dedication ritual in his honor – perhaps to ask for him as my patron deity, perhaps just as my teacher.  I had never felt the necessity of a self-dedication regarding my practice of the Craft. My whole life and awareness is wrapped up in both the natural world and my spiritual connection to it, and I have been practicing – mostly informally – and learning for decades.

The idea of taking a patron deity…

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