Three Things I Left Behind Inside My Closet

The Stories My Hands Can Tell


 Three Things I Left Behind Inside My Closet


My Secret

There is a saying in AA that you are only as sick as your secrets.  Those words slipped inside me like a spoon stirring acid in my belly.  They must be true, I thought.  I felt sick just hearing them.

Only I wasn’t ready to come clean.  I pondered that saying for about 3 years, wondering what the difference was between keeping a secret and maintaining my privacy.    I wondered if not telling people that I have a girlfriend was either my secret to keep or not their business to have.  And did it matter.  Should I come out of the closet.  Was the closet actually making me sick?

Many years ago, while taking an ice climbing lesson, I received the instruction to never take a step I wasn’t 100 percent sure of.  My crampon should cut through the…

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