The Patterns of Choice and Karmic Effect

July 31st 2004 -Rev. Korinne Wilson
The Patterns of Choice and Karmic Effect.

Making Intuitive Choices:
Choosing not to choose is still a choice. When faced with a situation in which action is the only course many options may come to us. Each of these options feel different to us. By taking these feelings into a meditative state, we can feel which option is best. Each option holds a vibration, and by tapping into that vibration we can visualize the best option, which is not always the most obvious. This requires a leap of faith, which is putting trust into intuitive sight rather than purely logical means.
Many great people have changed their lives by following an intuitive dream, rather than a logical goal. Madonna is a modern example of this phenomenon. Other great Intuitives include Mozart, Jung, Shakespeare, Dali, Neil Gaimen, Tim Burton and an ocean of ancient to futuristic bemused creators.
Karmic Effect:
Each choice we make brings into our lives an energy. What you choose ultimately becomes your destiny. If you continually choose to lie and be dishonest with your feelings, denying the truth of your feelings and higher nature, you will fall farther away from hope, faith and intuitive knowing. When we choose to be false we also choose to lose all of our positive spiritual power. People have learned to use their negative spiritual power to their advantage, however that power does not protect them against the laws of karma. As you reap so shall you sow. Negative emotions, feelings and actions promote more of the same energy upon it’s wielder.
Patterns and Freedom:
We are constantly making choices, and each one brings consequences. Striving to know the true self comes with making at least some choices based on intuition. As we grow spiritually we must confront and become friends with the subconscious mind. It is the womb of all choices, paths and consequences. Most young adults are acting out a life script that was heavily impressed upon by their parents, siblings and social environment. They have not come to know their true selves, only what they were told to be. We will act out patterns of behavior from our family of origin. If your mother was a caretaker and your father was an abuser, then you are likely to either choose the role of the abuser or the caretaker in your relationships. This is part of the process of finding out who we truly are. We first become what we saw. When we figure out the patterns of this repetitive script, we are free to heal the patterns and be set free of them. Once free or mostly disentangled from the snares of the past we evolve into a true adult. Until you have healed the sick family patterns that you exhibit, you cannot be considered a true adult.
As an adult we come to acknowledge the beauty of the universe, and become more compassionate toward our fellow man. You can see life from a clear perspective, no longer troubled by the difficulty of the past. In this stage spirituality is a natural part of us to develop. We come to believe in love because for the first time we are truly loving ourselves, and trying act in loving ways towards all others.

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