Yeshua and Magdalena

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The Last Supper

This was inspired by the Chalice and Blade symbol in The Da Vinci code some years ago.  The core of this book, which moved me, is that the Grail is not an altar to posses or seek in isolation, but an open and eternal secret in the ethical art of life and love.  The same invitation is in Dan Brown’s other thrillers also.  Leaving the centre empty, so the light flows in – is the Grail!   The mystery is in the heart of life’s family, around which the world buzzes.  It grows a Seal of Solomon, the lily in the field;  and for me, no more need be said.


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Yeshua and Mary

This, and the portraits which follow, was commissioned by Anne Dorcas in Montreal, in 2006, within a series of the Ascended Masters.  The Hebrew “Yeshua” spelling is JHShVH – which means…

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