New Blog- Under construction

NOTES for New BlogSince growing up I have based my happiness on my perspective of judging my life as going well or sucking. Daily my mood is cast by circumstances. I am realizing this is a mistake, and I undertake the practice to base my happiness on Sat Nam (nowness). Wish me luck.First lesson from thinking in this new way is “Comfort Zone”- Judging my life day by day was to be and stay in a place of “Comfort”- where I have the luxury to choose what I do/when/where/witWhom, without drama or murpheys law. This is a tight and limited comfort zone- I must understand the Comfort is an Illusion based on the perspective of my ego. Why does one thing make me comfortable (laughing at a good comedian) and another thing make me upset (gratuitous nudity/overtly sexual behavior)? How can I detach from Ick- without detaching from joy? Good lesson so far.Ish Keyra

i u so much..i’ve read a comment you’ve made. the ”ick” you described & encounter feels ”bad”/out of comfort because it invites the Shadow to play.. and giving you have such a great intuitive and empathic power it’s sometimes a challange… I know you know how important is to always be conscious on the moment. ideal detachment happens when you manage to shift your focus consciously on something pleasant.. After that your vibration is stabilized again (more joy) and you can transmute that initial perception of the thing that upset you. I’m working a lot on this too and with each encounter i learn more.. Example: I observe how much crap is given to us nowadays in the media. “Slutty” females/nudity/ostentative things. It makes me feel bad for a second because i can’t resonate with it. I feel i’m not as beautiful =)). It deranges me,twists me& the more i think about it, the more i see, obviously. I switch focus on the Divine Feminine, our limitless creative power, beauty in ancient Greece, a smoothie/self massage/whatever works for that moment. The bad feeling mellows down, and i get to enjoy some bliss. I don’t think this is selfish at all. Feel in tune with yourself at all times & stay strong. I love you & your gifts. Allow yourself to bathe in the deep waters of your intuition without resistance. A mind like yours opens doors! With each baddie you can earn a positive perspective on something. Be awakened and aware

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