Channeling Sessions: Heaven is Just UpStairs!

This session is from 2010
Channeling is consciously communicating with spirit
I post these here as way of keeping a record and possibly helping others.

I was talking with James- we got to the second chakra issues I’ve been dealing with- working on first and second charkra- vision occurs-
“Thall shall not seek out mystical experience”
So I say sky people- and a flash of white statue animated people-lots of them- lots upon lots- one throwing a kiss at me- they all seem to be saying hi in some way- showing me their numbers their masses.
I focus on the one throwing me kisses and I see Kore as I call her- my Greek self who is young- late teens, typical Grecian dress with wavy thick black hair.
She says she is me- the Higher Self is also us, we are many at once somehow, almost different states or maybe stages of consciousness.
I remember seeing Kore during the last awakening- I was let into heaven under her guise then turned into a Unicorn. Hermes was my (her) father, Aradia (she wore the symbols of Aradia) was my mother. Heaven was my parents mansion which I (she) was raised in as an immortal. My home- my parents home- the gardens are so lovely, the brocade fabrics so deep and rich. I saw very clearly that my “heaven” was just “Upstairs”- that is how close they all felt- all I had to do was flip my consciousness and boom I was upstairs at my parents house.
During the awakening – experiencing this lovely girl immortal- she was in a room and a Grandparent stopped in and said “Oh she’s playing with her Mina doll”- Implying that I was “playing human” for a while- and the Grandparents are so OLD so advanced that they see incarnating as human as a childs game.

I was LOVED beyond any measure I have experienced on the earth plane- one would say I was open to love more in that state of consciousness, than any human psyche can comprehend. Talk about feeling Rich and Famous- being loved by Immortal Light Beings made me understand the fiction of this earth plane- how love is a constant truth beyond any derision. I mean it’s just upstairs- its so close- ask permission to see the infinite, you may be able to go up stairs and meet your parents too. I think this can happen for anyone who wants it to.

The way this happened for me- Getting into Heaven, Going upstairs:
I had an omen (precursor) dream. I remember in real life it was the right around thanksgiving. In the dream I was on a road that winded around a bin, I walked the road that ended in a BEAUTIFUL old graveyard. The statues glittered in the sunlight- like heaven had taken over the graveyard. I wanted to go in- I could feel that loving energy calling to me- I wanted to find out what was within that place that made me feel so much! I saw a statue of VENUS among others. I went to walk in and a fear hit me- DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HIDING IN THERE? The fear asked pointedly. I thought um no- and your right that is a graveyard which is usually a scary thing for us Humans. I was “TOLD” the time was not right, I could not enter the graveyard yet.

Months Later: Access Granted- The graveyard seemed to be a doorway to heaven, a ladder, a stair case all the way up to Hermes who was there beckoning me to join him “upstairs”. I had interpreted the first dream to mean I was not ready to die to my body- but now I could see- I was not ready to behold the mystery of heaven.
As I ascended up stairs through the fluorescent astral clouds- I saw a large open gate- beyond that were my spiritual Parents- Hermes/Aradia- they greeted me and I turned into a Unicorn- they game me an apple and showed me to my favorite apple tree in the extravagantly lovely fairytale like garden. Mind you I was a horse, this did seems odd to me, I had the passing thought that I would have to be a horse for all eternity. However I suppose the unicorn is a symbol for my essence.

I think I am talking to Kore exclusively- it seems she has been educated in many works I lack.

The body is not conscious in the way I think or may think of it- The body is RULED or run by the Power Chakras- a life generator – look up what a generator does. The body is like a plant as far as consciousness- it grows toward the sun, it craves comfort and love- the ego is not a part of the bio-electrical system as a whole- the ego is a separate part of consciousness that strives to satisfy the emotional system of the animal. The ego and the animal are separate(I got the words coming out automatically but I don’t know how or why and then she tells me because you are not looking at me- just like my mom in the window “scene”)
I see her holding a doll, a cowboy who’s riding a horse- the horse and the cowboy are separate- vehicle- chariot- temple kinda- body- animal- smiling horses – Now I see a white wisp descending into the cowboy- like a small ghost or piece of god, soul, spirit. Entering the cowboy (who is now Woody from Toy Story) through his eyes- I see his cornea very close up. This wisp is seen through the cornea as LIGHT- awareness, awakeness, consciousness. I see the wisp going through the eyes to a place in the mind- I see the movie theater- Pineal Glad she says- The seat of Consciousness. Once light intersects with matter consciousness is born/created. This gives you the light and energy to fuel your movie theater. This leads to “downloading” ie channeling. I see a stream of electrical currents from above coming down into through the crown to the pineal- the light show- moving picture communication- we are real.
Hermes comes in-
He says I am talking to “myself” he enjoys watching me talk to myself. The Mina doll is a past persona of yours (mina doll teddy bear). He says Kore represents the part of my consciousness that “knows”- she is a record keeper, astrologer, healer and all that you are- she prefers Greek clothing because we were together in the story in that life.
I get this feeling like you would not call her daughter – I am your daughter- where is the separation?
HE says- she is a consciousness a part of ME- not all of me. Not exactly like the Egyptian lady I once was who has a portal open. This portal is in your soul- a window- your essence speaks in many voices. He does not want me to confuse myself- He wants me to know I am ME beyond all other me’s- I have access to infinite “me’s”
In the end are these reflections of me- just like God is each one of us- we are all Gods Finger Puppets-. If you separated god in a human ego structure would he communicate with all as if he were all because he is?
God is not separate (ever)
You actually are never separate from yourselves, us the gods- we are all one for real.
You are coming across the power to replicate yourself- in once sense. You can contact your other states of being as you wish- you are understanding no limits, no boundries. We had to crack to code to get you to see/know beyond time.
So when I see Kore in her doll room- that is not me in a past incarnation?
The Kore you see is a reflection of you
This is the first time Hermes is telling me something I am seeing is not “real” in the spiritual sense. He holds up a picture of the room with Kore sitting there and he flops it so you can see it move – understanding its two dimensional. She herself was saying she is not my higher self- we are not that either one of us. I can hear Kore so easily because she is close to my vibration- because she is me. Hermes says I cannot go to her house and have tea- she’s not real like that. The closest I can come to understanding this right now is that she is a reservoir for my knowledge- a collective notion which I have personified in a form I can relate too. An Inner face- database- record keeper, but not Thoth who I suppose is the big record keeper, and Kore maybe my personal record keeper?

I am grateful that Kore and Hermes set me straight on differentiating this particular energy. It comforts me that I will be TOLD unequivocally if I am in touch with another entity or a reflection of myself. Like I said this is the first time Hermes has made that distinction- so I assume this is the first time this has happened.

So Hermes draws a mirror up to me- I see the reflection as a different room and a different me- He says as long as you understand you are talking to a reflection you may proceed.

I re greet Kore as my reflection- She greets back-
Okay now that we know where we stand- you can understand this is a way of “smuggling out” your knowing. I think this must be a game I play with myself- where is the lady in the carpet? She says The SCROLL- yes about 20 mins ago she showed me a scroll and was passing it over to me- it was parchment- rolled with two “sticks” or rods- at the end of the rods- 4 black diamonds. The scroll is old- amber colored- I feel like I can intuitively read it, but not actually read it- I see writing- like a fairy tale. IS THIS MY SCRIPT? She smiles- and I see cherry and chocolate mood colorings- You wanted to see your life without reflection- through the eyes of the ones who see- to understand your journey in the larger sense- how you would effect your people- or how you would give back- help.
She says- this is part of your life script- your astrology- your karma and your contracts. I now see my higher self wearing Buddhist orange- smiling and showing me the pastel scenery of the astral realm- she looks like the queen of heaven to me. She seems to have an artists brush and now a smock- she tells me she paints- scenes, landscapes, she paints possibilities, hope because hope is real; she paints the stars the guide me toward the light. ()+() . I see a chariot race- I am entered- she is my “guardian” in the sense of over seer adviser. Hermes does not advise, this is her role. I ask how to define her role for me, fairy god mother? Angel? She says I am you of course- in another role.
I see her say to Hermes “I think she’s finally getting it”
You deal with upstairs stuff and I deal with downstairs?
More or Less- your limited perception.
Well you know I want infinite perception- I feel as if I am being hard headed when I am just being honest. I feel my frustration. However I don’t want to spontaneously combust due to enlightenment. I accept my limited perception and I gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi Svaha am working on it.

Maybe you can address my “techno Fear”- I fear that I will stumble upon a secret so perception altering that I will never recover from it- a bad tone that echos through out infinity- I call it techno fear because I feel it keeps me from accessing the computer of cosmic consciousness as fully as I would like to. A Phobia of too much knowledge that breaks my humble mind. Pandora there is the box you forgot to open- Oh no! You see it’s like sniffing for bombs in spiritual concepts before you commit to learning them. However I am exploring spiritual/higher knowing- which by its nature is mysterious and you cannot sniff for bombs before you commit to the download. And then of course you cannot “un see” what you have seen.

Higher self explains itself
Guru Devi= Physical Lineage
I am not Guru Devi, but I am my higher self. We are all one because we are, also because we all intersect at one point or another- we know. The individuation process is how we grow a soul- through life poetry we bloom the rose.
Funny thought- I’m not transgender, I’m trans-aged- old soul dilemma, being “old” from birth.
She says I see the props she uses and how she sets the stage for the play- so we no longer play like that. Our personal learning is experience is manifesting within, through the facility of the psyche, the mind channels the information, we are tuning the crystal to amplify your perception. I make a triangle symbols with my hands- The Tones will vibrate you into alignment with oneness from which all is revealed. Oh I see now you brought up my limited perception not only to explain that I can only see part of the meaning right now, but also for later when I can see it, and I can compare the two states of consciousness.
She says she is a conscientious gardener- you think you like playing Sims? You have no idea.
I get my simness and even my Dolls from her love perception of her work.
She is a True Educator and I feel as if she is almost my creatrix- who chose a to “grow” and Oracle Priestess Rose in her Goddess garden. Through lifetimes and in between- nurturing this soul, this seed, to bloom into a completed work.

I do feel designed, don’t we all at some level be it scientific with genetics, or mental emotional of psychology or like me scripted from spirit- the theme of being a creation is universal.

So we see our creators as Divine. For me – seeing my higher self in the astral pastel art sky- she seems divine to me. She tells me her soul was grown just as mine was- a different “time” with different methods for her level of manifestation. The closer to source you are the faster you “come back home” so to say.

I ask her if shes ever been here- and No- she was manifested on a different “level” of the cosmic game.
I see a mad an dirty cave woman ( we grow the souls in the fertile soul of the earth)- Higher self asks what is wrong with this woman?
I see she has her Kundalini turned on- I see she is wise, but- Oh she is not taking care of her animal body. And I feel the woman is a ghost- Either way you push the pendulum- all body or all sight- you are out of alignment. In your case the body must be loved- The cave woman has a puppy who she loves and cares for. The puppy is clean, fed and loved- the cave woman comes to love herself through the power and instinct of loving another. Loving the body leads to transmutation of the flesh- golden skin. The light body can inhabit the physical- it does, it’s just not lit up so to speak. As you come into alignment, through the planetary influences and your own diligent work you will release the shame that binds you- and understand the true meaning of justice. To love all as you are loved by all.

Wonder woman refers to ‘the story of my third eye’
My higher self, my gardener- soul gardener-
She emanated from the TARA energy- Tara in essence is her mother
I emanated from Her- no archetype to tie her to (Pivarte sari svhana?)
My emanation has been through the obvious life times- and countless others I cannot currently recall. My emanation has been Egyptian and Greek; those lives set many foundations for future construction/expansion. Tara is known in many solar systems- I am less known, mostly an earth fairytale, in the “publishing” business earth fairytales are not a hot market. You can rule the world and still be a geek in the universe.

I ask her about all the mindless people- the zombies- the ones who live like animal minds.
There have always been these kinds of scenarios- we grow the soul you know. The soul does not always listen to or acknowledge the inner voice- for the most part all people are capable to hearing the inner voice, it is a choice to listen to it or turn it off. Talk about auto pilot. You always listened- you had no choice- contracts are sacred and binding. You were raised to listen for the smallest sound- very sensitive to vibration. You like Orchids and Lotus because you feel you are given a rare life as well. You feel nurtured like an exotic flower- who does not yet know the meaning of it’s intense scent. Mystery of your own powers/senses/gnosis. You have always been given the gift of knowing you were different from the other flowers. You were chided and praised for it, which helps the flower to see itself. Now that you see the form of your flower- understand you are exotic, now you wish to radiate the scent yet- you wonder- what is this- I see this symbol, this form, it speaks of many moods and tones- it speaks of old ancients of wise echoes in caves to walking talking movies – the spectral show- the light bearing, coming through- How can you recon with the knowledge of what you are without knowing what you are?

Knowing what I have been- past lives; into what I have become- it is a truth I may choose to believe or disregard as psychotic fantasy.

Everyone on a truth seeking mission about the mysteries of the universe probably deals with past lives and who they used to be. I happen to have holy visions of vestal virgins- priestesses, oracles. One could say of course you would because in this life who have chosen to study spirituality. Yet at age 5 I was tied to a tree by some kids who said they were going to burn me because I was a witch- this and many other happenings “prove” my life script fully supports the possibility of past lives as a mystic. When I was too innocent or young to understand my spiritual lineage- I was reminded by those around me.
The simple statements above are enough for Western Psychiatry to deem me unstable and possibly dangerous. I have such a sense of justice, if I think I fit someone else’s description of “insane” I totally agree with them that I am insane- that is their perception and who am I to change it? I don’t have control issues- think what you want to think. My issue is being placed in a locked ward of a hospital while consuming large amounts of poisons- medication.

Just as I chose to listen to my inner voices- or spiritual guides, I may choose to remember my past and live my future based on evolution, not starting over.

Assuming I have been all these ladies; and more- I can remember and tune in. And I have.
If I lived in isolation my entire life- I would think all of these mystical experiences were 100% part of a reality; I also lived in. I could easily see and understand different realities- different states of my soul, countless incarnations… only through contact with my society am I shamed and blamed for my visions.
I wish to own my perception- own my power- no mistaking me for something I am not.
The flower represents the soul in our scenario; why is your soul different
I don’t think my soul is different
Why are you different
I was raised to be different
Being raised cannot change a carrot into a potato
It cannot?
So why are you different?
The seed was different, my chemical make up was different, I come from
Yes- that is it, you come from a different origin- The apple does not fall far from the tree.
I see a stream, fish jumping and a lighthouse in the distance-She shows me the light house in my head; I remember it from my last awakening. The light house is of great meaning- therefore great importance.
“A tall structure topped by a powerful light used as a beacon or signal to aid marine navigation.”
Tall structure- crown of platinum- the disco ball above my head.
“The first known lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria.”
“The lighthouse is a symbol of guidance through the dark waters of the unconscious or through tumultuous emotions to a safe harbor. “
There is now a Fish with a light on it’s head jumping out of the water. I see the Hierophant with his Projector eye. The word “transducer”
She asks me to understand that each part of the visions during awakening- not gods, but vision such as this last time are all pictures for meanings- lighthouse, disco ball, each story you saw- they all speak of the now- the everstate of presence, not form as in incarnation , not consciousness as in evolving entity; not just story telling- psychedelic learning activation; full and glorious participation. And it is because you are psychic- and that does make you different. This is NOT just living the archetypal myths- this is being initiated into the essence of the whole; a way of integrating with oneness- experiencing the cosmic story; gods story; heros myth just does not cover this level of awareness.

(I just remember- earlier I had a vision of when I used to dream of eyeballs- even eating them and I think mouth; oral; speaking- eyeballs- speaking truth can “open their eyes” so to speak?)

Being aware of your divinity does cover this level of awareness- you have shared visions of gods memory is one way of putting this. You saw that God had a dream one night and it was all of human history- this is not far from the truth- though through life goggles you cannot possibly understand this concept. So you call it a dream- were I am we call it an event, a happening an occurrence. We can watch your dimension- we see through the fence. The “Gods Dream” and the life script- Ramtha information was in tune with your vibration to hear the words of knowing. You become aware of your divinity in these higher states and manifest your remembrance of a place not of this earth plane.


New Day: January 18, 2011
Factors- thoughts that seem of import lately

Inter dimensional beings versus Physical beings from another planet
Why I am rare, deals with my mission?
Apple, Black Diamonds, Seeding other worlds, helping God
Sleep Paralysis- facing the gates of death of Hades to go home at night?

Calleman: The heros journey- visions quest- crazy- that happens to me is a literal translation of the energies being broadcast. He explains the “waves” represent the path of my journey from first d to 9th d. The 6th wave= Ramtha? Ramtha said a 5000 year cycle was now over- last year around my birthday. He says Mayan Calendar- 9 levels, like in their temples, nine waves. The sixth waves represents man mind- no intuitive, overly rational- dark age. 9th waves- no filter for the human mind, he says one with God, I totally get that because I have personally experienced it, but ego still in the way, he says no ego to interrupt the flow I suppose.
BARBARA HAND CLOW said: The first level is the metal core of the earth- my third eye at one point became this sphere- reminded me of phantasm but gave way to the lighthouse or lighthouse became sphere- cannot remember. This vision series happened at Junes house. She spoke of the 8th wave or dimension as the innocence I experienced.

She (higher self or soul architect) says- Think of the 6th dimension of form, Understand what you are calling your Ego- that filters the pictures in distorted ways- is actually your imbalance with the 6th dimension.


~ FIN ~

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