Personal: Psychic as a profession

Since I turned 30, nine years ago, I have been in and out of the hospital psyche ward for Dreaming while I am Awake. The doctors call this condition (and several others) Bi-polar. I have been prescribed about 20 different medications over the past 9 years to ‘control symptoms’, each of which has seen me re-enter the emergency room because of negative side effects (such as seizures).

Dreaming While Awake: Not suggested in the 3d world. My point of focus in reality changes, I have a complete movie happening in my minds eyes- and I am interacting with the characters and scenes on that level of awareness. Sometimes I can see and communicate with the outside world- but it’s spotty and discombobulated. I can stay in this state of consciousness for up to three weeks. I have always been taken to the hospital and I have always been medicated. The medication ‘brings me down’ and then wreaks havoc on my physical and mental health.

Dreaming While Awake VS Bi-polar: There are MANY more symptoms that come with bi-polar, such as lying, steeling, gambling, violence and so on, none of which I had. Feeling Super Human, like Jesus or some great saint is usually a part of my experience which is also described as bi-polar.

Psychic Reader vs Bi-polar: It’s true the Doctors never took into consideration that I am Buddhist, had a Guru who more than likely raised my Kundalini at age 30 as it is common to do. My Pineal gland was never mentioned, nor my weakening electrical system (nervous system). I began channeling my spirit guide Hermes at age 30, my solar plexus awakened to the point I could feel a voluptuous orange sun in this chakra. Like never before my solar plexus waxed and waned with energy as I channeled my spiritual guide. Around this time I began having powerful fully interactive visions- speaking with Gods and Guides. The visions eventually took over my reality.

Todays Question: I have taken a 2 month break from providing psychic services. I have recently figured out I have fear about performing as a psychic, due to it possibly causing me to be overcome by the ‘other side’. If I KNEW for a fact psychic readings caused my ‘trips’ I would quit. At this point I have no way of telling if the issue is an Over worked Pineal- or if this is natural for me as a unique human. I loose a LOT when I ‘go crazy’ and I would do just about anything to avoid it. I wonder how I can find out- the cause and the cure of my issue. In the meantime how do I proceed with my business? 🙂

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  1. I’ve went through a lot of those type of experiences in my teenage years and I struggle being able to see which experiences belonged to my mental illness and which one belonged to paranormal experiences. I went through these paranormal experiences with other people, so it confirms that it actually happened. But I’m still confused some times. It’s the first time I see someone who might have experienced the same thing as me : paranormal experiences AND having a mental illness.

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