Sirius Channeled Message~ With Spirit Guide Hermes

June 2012

In Coming Message from Sirius

Cosmic Train- Right on schedule

Passing the border now

Watching the moon jump over that Cow

Swish- Vibrational tonal locality

Blending reality

Bands mixing with Foreign lands

As above so below, Told you so

Gold is Gold, Rule Truth

As we merge timelines, You will feel the distortion

Fluctuation, Turbulence

A rise in the heart of the Kundalini furnace

Burn this off with rhyme and chant

Grounding – Little to no stimulation

No new information

Focus on menial tasks- Simple Integration


3D reality us “Boxy Brain”, totality, Matrix, A System

4D Consciousness- Subconscious, creative space, “Personal Space” the staircase, Dreams, Mansions of the mind, “guardians”, “Spooks”, “Shadows”. Astral black glassy wooden floor.

5D Reality Busy with souls, 3d creature comforts, A version of the heaven realm, friends, family, shopping, libraries, harmony.

6D Revolutionary reality- Our “Natural Realm” Fairy, myth, story, expression, love, More Heaven like, Co-creation, instant manifestation, Guided dreams and journeys, Muse care, garden. Grecian to me, my first human enlightenment.

If we had not down 3D polarity, the realms wouldn’t have as much “Taste and Variety”.

7D: Abstract, Green Blob named Bob, known by frequency not persona.

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