Beacon if you’re Seek-in’

July 7th 2012

Egyptian Gateway

To Hermes: I feel in between acts, waiting on the crew to ‘set up the shot’. I have community to share with but I am not ‘performing’ yet. My current experience seems like ‘opening acts’ compared to what I have to share.

While channeling in a chat the other day Hermes revealed “Vacation” over “War of Opposites”. Kundalini, no one will bother you.
Hermes never shows me war, he only shows me natural disaster when I ask to see it. I don’t see blood and flesh. I do see time bending, the shift, Heaven on Earth and then me in California, healing and teaching- partying with famous, neat and talented people, Manifesting butterflies, Yeshua powers, Joy- True Joy!
Upstairs and Downstairs easier to navigate. “Our Love is the like a ship on the Ocean, full of love and devotion.”
Hermes and I play charades- he shows me a boat- then the song lyrics come to mind and he pokes his nose as a “sign” that I am correct in my perception. It seems I will become aware of my Multi (many) Dimensional (Planes/Levels) Ality (Oneness, non-duality)
Sixth Dimension Home of our Reality- 7D is just silly (Monty Python- “Camelot”- “On second thought let’s no go there.”)

Mercury Rising Siriusly- Coded Message:
The heat, the fires, the fury!
Await for Frances Bacon wrote- “The Dog days of summer” (Sumer)
When Sirius rises as Ruby Red, Allow the snake to shed. By right and oath they shall be lead- no gold, no camel, no question- dread.
Fear is the Mother of this Kali Yuga Age. She goes out in a passionate rage. Like all storms this too shall pass, a coming of an Age, a splendor in the grass- Beyond the looking glass. We will teach you like folding metal. There is no other like you. You feel us, you see us- We will blend your precious metals, folding, folding strong and tempered- UnYielding, The Spine of Excalibur.
Perform Excalibur Spine meditations.
Red to Green the eyes of Anubis change, a timing thing. Sirius Rising Ruby red, stop! What is the Green “GO”? A luminance glow for those who know- A Beacon if you’re Seek-in’!

~ FIN ~

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