Strong Dream symbols

I had some wild dreams last night and wanted to record them as a way of interpreting the symbols.
Dream 1:
Josh and I were hanging out with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. We were in a large house that seemed to go on forever. John Lennon was telling us he was going to take us on tour with him and Yoko. We had recently met and he was interested in our spiritual ideals. Yoko was singing (in a normal voice) and I told her it she was a great singer- very strong and clear melodies. John went to take a nap. Josh was taking a bath in a large claw foot bathtub. I was sitting in the bathroom talking to him as he bathed. Yoko came in and got into the tub with Josh. I was weirded out because she wanted to sleep with my boyfriend, it seemed that was her way of trusting a man. I got a psychic flash of John napping nude in his bed- and if I wanted to leave Yoko and Josh alone I could go cuddle with John. I refused and just watched while sitting on the wet bathroom floor Josh flipped around and around in the tub to keep Yoko off of him. She then just wanted to give him fellatio- but he was moving so much she became a black blur in the tub. Later John was in a purple sgt. Pepper silk jacket- he was being interviewed and taking care of business. I told Josh we had better finish our business with them by 1981 because we know what happens then. I asked Josh what year it was to see if we had a lot or just a little time with John. I asked Yoko if she ever saw flashes of the future- because Josh and I had seen our future and what we were supposed to do with “the Lennons”. I remember telling her we were going to drop acid together at some point. I got the impression John worked most of his time away with strangers he was trying to educate (namely the press).
Dream 2:
Josh, Laura and I were in a large Catholic church during a high mass. I had never been to this type of mass before but Laura knew the ceremony well. There were lots of prayers said in Latin as the parishioners acted out various parts of the “play” like ceremony. There was a large effigy of a bull on the “stage”. A lovely black woman walked towards the stage to take her part. Laura nudged me and said- look she is wearing street clothes but I swear I just saw her in ceremonial robes walk toward the stage. Laura could see the “psychic” impression of the higher meaning of the “play” as if the characters were coming alive within the people acting it out. The large bull then became real- very real. It seems this was not odd for anyone but me and a little bit for Josh. The bull began to run free in the church as if it was able to judge “good and bad” from its animalistic state- a divine bull. The bull came close to me I awkwardly laid above the pew on the back of it- trying to to get stepped on or gored. As the bull studied me I remembered I had eaten meat recently and wondered if the bull would be mad at me for being a carnavour. The bull sniffed heavily bringing it horns close to my eyes and then walked on. I walked toward the altar (stage)to get out of the scene. Others were “judged” by the bull. It reminded me of May day or Easter- the bull then had flowers around its neck. Again the bull came to me and again I had to get in an awkward posture to avoid its weight from pressing on me. Josh was right next to me- as the bull began wavering back and forth josh began to nod with it- as if they were energetically in alignment.

Thats when I awoke šŸ™‚ Strange dreams full of symbolism. I hope they foretell changes in my life.

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