New Age Zombie Apocalypse

Today I got a letter from the largest New Age publisher in the world-
Saying Louise Hay- owner of Hay House Publishing suggest I purchase this product:

The Main Ingredient in this Haylo Product?
Zombie Mushroom Spores!
1000 mg Cordyceps mushrooms

Lets go to the video of Zombie Ants and other insects- who ate the mushrooms

The interesting thing is the spores that attack ants are NOT the same as the spores that attack other insects- the spores mutate to kill what is eating it. (This is my understanding- you decide)

My spirit guide says the spores are reserved for the lower kingdoms and will not hurt humans 🙂 We’ll see! Just sounded like a Good Theory on Zombie making- I’m sure they will make a movie about it eventually.

In the mean time I am With M. Night Shamalan- “It’s Happening”!

~ FIN ~

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