The Astral Buddhist

The Astral Buddhist

Last night I went to sleep on the eve of Halloween, here in America. I soon found myself out of my body and in the back hallway behind the bedroom. I immediately realized I was in the state of astral travel.

I called for my spirit guide Hermes. Before me manifested stars of sparkling lights, glittering static. I then remembered I tried to call upon Hermes before while in the astral and all I saw was this same purple/blue glitter pattern. Hermes had guided me to listen to the song “Opaline” by Dishwalla as a way to explain his state of “non manifestation” on the astral.

(Opaline Definition: A mineral of hydrated silica

Dishwalla Video:




Seeing the “opaline” again after calling for Hermes reminded me – that doesn’t work.


I have been practicing Buddhist Sutras in my head throughout my waking state- to try and lodge them into my subconscious. I chose to sing the heart sutra in this astral state to see what would happen.


At first I ran through the words too fast, jumbling them. I took a moment to calm my excitement (it is not every day I become aware in the astral or have full control of my awareness). I then sang the sutra as I stared into the blackness of the hallway. A small hole began opening, and I could see the color purple emerging.


I heard through my crown chakra, as if a bell was ringing above my head- “Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha” a voice not unlike my own, more angelic, full of light and resonance singing the Sutra back to me. I remember being amazed and feeling blessed, bathing in the golden echo of the sound.


Upon waking I remembered dreams were I was talking with my Guru, asking her how to pronounce the names of the Bodhisattvas. “How do you say Avelocsivia?” Sri Mamua Devi then pronounced Avalokiteshvara correctly and began to tell me stories of the Bodhisattvas.


I retained none of the information from the visit with Sri Mamua Devi consciously. The dream was invoked on my part by doing Sutras by day, as well as questioning why Sri Mamua Devi blessed me with the “Om Mani Padme Hum” sutra in particular, when I loved so many sutras.


I posted this link on my Facebook- which began an educational conversation with a Buddhist friend of mine. (


He stated: “”Hrih is actually the bija for several related spiritual beings, Amitabha, Amitayus, Avalokiteshvara, and Quan Yin, who’s actually related to Avalokiteshvara. He does have a strong connection to the Heart Sutra, as you know. Ha. He has a difficult name to pronounce. Most people do AH-va-low-key-TESH-va-rauh. It’s actually easier in Tibetan! Chenrezig.
If it was a feminine voice (in your dream vision), it could even be the goddess Prajnaparamita, the personification of the text itself. Sounds like, Prah-juh-nah par-rah-mee-tah. “

And he went on to say-“ Avalokiteshvara has always had balanced gender energy, sometimes depicted as effeminate or even feminine. As he moved further to the East, the figure almost exclusively became feminine, Quan Yin. Blended with local goddess culture, gaining links to the sea not in his original Indian heritage. Her full name is usually Quan Shi Yin Pu Sa, which is just a Chinese way of translating the name Avalokiteshvara. So, very much a connection but also seen as distinct beings.”


He sent me the following links:


I replied to him that Quan Yin was very familiar to me, and I have seen her in many dreams. She is always the same, Asian, pale- black hair and wearing a white robe/dress. She gives me messages of hope and promises of love.


I wanted to share my moments of synchronicity with you- in hopes that the information will assist you in reaching an enlightened state of being. Comments are always welcomed and encouraged!

Namaste Sentient Beings!


List of links:

Heart Sutra:

Jewel in the Lotus:


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