Anima Animus theme in Romeo & Juliet

Ideas about Anima/Animus

Conjuncto the sacred marriage is created through heat and fire, refining the two psyche’s (conscious and subconscious) into a compatible working pair.

Baz Luhrmann: Romeo and Juliet 1996


Baptized by the water, Romeo unmasks himself and looks into the mirror of his soul. In this mirror he catches a glimpse of his subconscious- the fish tank, also the Pineal gland which contains water. The Pineal glad is that which separates the two parts of the psyche – conscious and subconscious. The ego sees itself reflected through the waters of the Pineal gland, into the realm of the subconscious.

If we want to see the man in the background as Romeos “security” or watcher of the gateway between these two realms, we see the guardian is otherwise occupied- more than likely a metaphor for Romeo having ingested a psychedelic drug which raised his consciousness beyond the realm of the guardians grasp.

Romeo wonders at all the fish, or creative ideas within the subconscious. He bends down, ascending to the depths of his subconscious and spies the eye of his Anima or Juliet.


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