AfterLife Interview: John Lennon


10897867_1028810660465929_6159561586688377702_nI believe I am in contact with the energy of the one we used to call John Lennon. My first contact with him came in the following message that will one day be a song…

“I was sitting quite one day, and asked John Lennon what he had to say.
He said He’s really not on this Trip anymore. The Game is over and we know the score. He said The best thing I left behind is a Doorway inside your Mind- The Key is a Ballad I wrote about Alice and Lucy in the sky- through love we never die, it’s all Seen in your Eye…”

I continue the song with my own thoughts…

“I pondered this for a while, looking for a rainbow behind his smile. This is what came to mind, so I replied to him in kind.
What about Love?
What about Faith?
What about hope here down on Earth.
Send me the Dove, Show me the Way-
Save me from this cycle of rebirth- hmmmm.”

We are still working on the end of the song :).

A couple of days ago I was channeling and recording the session when John Lennon comes into my conscious awareness… here is what transpired.

First came a strong intuition:
John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a soul contract, a pact, a part of their mission here on Earth. “Give the other fella hell.” A pact to go through hell together and make each others lives difficult, ie help teach each other lessons. Paul’s major challenge in this scenario? For Paul to live and to let John die. (Soul contracts are very profound when masters are involved.)

Afterlife Interview with John Lennon:

Q: Where are you?

A: I am on a sea shore in a condo near an ocean in your mind.
(I can hear the noise of the ocean moving rapidly, undulating waves morphing in intervals, separating and then becoming each other.)
Your vibration hears me. I am drawn closer by your vibration. There are a lot of people calling me.
(He Goes on to Say)

The war in time is also hidden in your mind, the key of an octave grave, A frequency within the wave. There is a “good tone” and a “bad tone” it is that simple, that is all there is.

(I see a white swan over a Buddha, over Krishna. John says his energy is closer to the Krishna vibration, though in life he identified with Jesus)

Q: What was your mission here on Earth as John Lennon?

A: I wanted all to recognize peace is something you DO. That you can be as jaded, or clouded (deluded) as you liked- peace did not have to live within you to be created by you. Peace was an Action you took, not a way you felt.

I chose music as my medium because just as the speed of light, there is a “speed of music”. The effect music has on you is instantaneous.
(I see screaming crowds of music fans)

There are many forms that ideas take- religions, philosophies, mythology, all with different stories or Forms. They all lead to God or “Wheat” or True Understanding. That is what matters.

John shows me a red barn on a working farm in our histories past.
Next I see the barn as devoid of any paint, dilapidated- abandoned. Through the square cut out of the back door of the dilapidated barn I see a wheat field emanating with Golden Light.

This vision speaks of how the barn (square=form) is an old Form that once worked well but has been abandoned in the face of new ideas or progress. The glowing wheat is the result of spiritual evolution- the wheat from the chaff of old forms. It is the wheat that is most important, not the forms you chose from- not the religion you chose or the path to God, just that you worked toward God. Through the action of Peace you can come to yield a great crop of wheat.

First: Control your TONE- this requires tuning in.
Second: Speed up the frequency- through cultivating happiness we speed up the frequency.
Do not worry about the form your Joy/Happiness takes, as long as it is positive.
Once you have taken those first two steps- you being to attract that which is most conducive/harmonious to your vibration.

John says He used to like reading sacred texts to control his tone and raise his vibration.

(Back to the mission of his Soul)
John’s soul understood a peace that is pure LIGHT, and he did not see that light reflected in this world. John took his archetype from this desire and wrote his life story. John wanted to experience the union of peace manifest on this plane of existence so badly- that this desire manifested in some unhealthy ways during his lifetime.

Moving on… John really wanted to seem “human” and not lofty, not like an Emperor talking to the common people. Thus we got “Working Class Hero”. John approached his music from their (common people) point of view. He felt he was privileged to educate himself in politics and government- movements, where the “common people” had spent a lot of time working on survival and did not have time/energy/money to educate themselves on the larger workings of the world.

He took it upon himself to educate those who did not know- what was going on in the “System” that was impeding progress and peace. He was educating from a high degree of knowledge to the lowest common denominator. He yearned to do High Art, Classical art, but this was not his mission.

What would John say to US now?

Again- All you need is love, he is pleased this is still popular- this is a Universal Truth.

If you were to Incarnate Now- what job would you hold?

I would be a fisherman- learn the lessons my father learned about self reliance. I was never alone. I would choose to be alone to find oneness with myself.

What do you think of Modern Music?

They (modern musicians) are in the middle of changing their tune. This may sound bit like an orchestra tuning up- like Jazz- erratic, this may sound incongruous for a bit, but something new will be born out of it.

In Closing:
You are only in this “Game” as much as you allow yourself to be.
Metaphor- Are you Projecting or Interacting?
When you are projecting you are all alone.
(He’s a real no where man)
When you interact, you all act as one.
(We all live in a yellow submarine)
I ask- What does that all mean?
He states: You would get it if you were an Egg Man.

End Interview- (Thank you John) more channeling- an Eye dea.

What if the yellow (gold) submarine represented the perfected body and consciousness- golden consciousness- an enlightened being- awareness of your full selfness- all your selves.
What if the Beatles are all one consciousness? In Buddhism it is common for a master to incarnate in more than one body.
Once all the consciousnesses from past lives and other planes align over the head of the incarnate Beatle- we get the enlightened Super Beatle. Come together Right Now Over Me. Now that is what I call a re-union! 🙂

-VIDEO Channeled John Lennon Song Occult Priestess-  
Note to readers: I am a channel for knowledge beyond our accepted capacity of human abilities. “I” believe I was talking with John. I wish for you to believe how ever you choose to. I do hope you enjoyed the messages via any messenger!


John Writes for #COLDPLAY 



~ FIN ~


  1. Wonderful!! Sitting on the back door step reading this, and as I read the words “Send me the dove, show me the way” a white feather drifted down beside me and I reached out and caught it in my hand…….divine synchronicity…..

    “We all live in a yellow submarine”……indeed we do.

    Thanks Korr. Much love.

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