Channeling Hermes lastnight…

I have not had time to research this channeling and what it means beyond what is illustrated. If you have any thoughts or this sounds familiar please drop me a note. Blessings!

July 15th 2010
Hermes Channel

Seek beyond the knowingest knowing known

Beyond the surface of anything shown

When I think of asking questions and channeling many subjects of interest relate to my current life path, historical lessons or personal development. To seek what is beyond current knowledge is to delve into a new realm of understanding. In order to approach and breech this new found land of mind- I must then first understand what it is to ask of what is unknown.

I see a fractal being pulled apart, multiplying becoming many that are unique and evolving into infinite forms. A way of explaining the level of the fourth dimension.
I see an egg blender coming down in the middle of the fractal plane- this instrument mixes the black and the white- the black and the white are still differentiated however they are swirling in a new way- the egg mixer causes a current the patterns begin to follow.

I see the earth, then a level of celestial space, above that I see the fractal plane, above that I will call the astral plane because it looks homey and familiar- stars, clouds and dream like. Out of the fractal plane arise our heros, gods, saviors, saints and those of mythology- born to a new form, new state of being, promoted- arising to be fully conscious aware archetypes – pure carriers of their particular unique energy patterns. I get the impression that in this new form- the “Gods” as they are newly born will be able to have guide humanity in a very literal way.

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