HCG diet- first round results

I was on the HCG weight loss cure from May 22nd to July 1st 2010.
Loss of 16 pounds
Loss of 8 inches

Extras: I’ve been taking a multi vitamin, drinking lots of water, using MSM soap and supplements, acacia berry and potassium.

At the beginning of the diet I believed it would work based on the fact that so many people I know personally lost weight, and all those people on youtube who posted videos in which you can easily see their weight loss.

I cheated on the diet several times out of starvation and craving. I know now I need to do a major cleansing before I being the diet again.

My body looks and feels very different. It’s kinda freaky actually, going through the process, the details I noticed, how different I feel after only 16 lbs. I have never been concerned with my weight, fat was okay with me- but I must say this is feeling better.

The HCG diet turned me onto the amazing calories, fat and chemical ick in most food not prepared at home. I purchased the book “COOK THIS NOT THAT” which illustrates how easily we can consume an entire days calories in one “treat”. I used to love to get my Starbucks flavored coffee drink, eat at Taco Bell (read they have sand as an ingredient), or even Subway to “Eat Fresh” (read Subways bread has minuscule amounts of healthy grains- mostly the same a white bread).

I have been off the diet for two days and I have lost a few grams. Learning how to eat is not easy and I find it emotional. I “fear” foods that are bad for me, so I wait to eat until I can figure out something healthy.

I’ve had a couple of meals consisting of tortillas with onion, mushroom, green pepper and fat free cheese- along with salsa. So far that seems to be safe. I had a whole wheat “Boboli” pizza, with LaRosas sauce, and the same veggies mentioned above- I had gained 4 grams by the next day. Today I am contemplating Tuna on rye bread because it’s in the house. When I woke up today I had the word “Vegan” stuck in my head- guess I’ll do some more research into that arena.

If you have any suggestions for healthy meals please pass them along :).

Starbucks: http://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/bottled-drinks/bottled-frappuccino-vanilla


  1. Best advice I ever got was not to eat rice, potatoes, or pasta after 3pm. I can eat plenty of it for lunch, and the theory goes that it gets used by the body well before bedtime. Good replacements seem to be Sweet potatoes, lentils, lots of salad.
    Hope that helps, and good luck with it all.

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