Egypt my Lionheart

Dearest Mummy- my beloved, my souls own.

I am now in America residing by this little tune.  As she sings the birds take to their wings. Floating the truth as doves love.

Being an American in the year 2010 I have lived a ripe life full of sorrow and faith. Now that I have found my self and anchor laid- I find I am delayed. Due to my time space/strange case, I will write to you my dreaming dear hoping you are keeping well inside your deep shell, to my thoughts you always dwell.

I wanted to tell you about the most strange occurrence- a most interesting thing in deed. Did you know they took the mummies to sell for seed? Yes my dear in truth I say we are now on display! Bodies barren souls exposed as our corpses draw eyes of those unclothed. They cannot feel our presence, longing stairs unexplained as they shuffle to the parking lot. No knowledge that they have peered on the Gods themselves.

We do like Steve Martin though- “King Tut” was a most hilarious romp through the reeds. “He gave his life for tourism” How is that for a life script? Poor Ol’ Funky Tut.

We must tell them my love why we slaughtered the cattle and why we poisoned the maids. They all think we were crazy and then put us on parade. How sacredness has been lost- how far the fallen have been cast the lots. I feel. Education is the only destination for this vibration my love. So we tune and do the work. We vibrate the message and guide the light.

So to the unsacred known, may this light be truly shown. In our house that is a home, holy objects hold their own. Salt to earth and dust to past- we backwards and forwards our solemn mass. Death was not death you see- but a gateway to the other sea. Take me with thee- leave me not behind- love me and stay close dear and kind. We leave as one, through the void, travelers of time- chanting the sacred way teaching the sacred rhyme. Slaughter, murderer, killer not see- but holy travelers of Love on waves of energy. Thy rod and thy staff, thy maid and holy calf- cast the light to reunite on the other side of the sea.

Until tomorrow my love I leave you be. I hope this tribunal soon releases you to the sweet bloom of your full age. I am with you as love is always with us. Bloom sweet child, the world awaits.

The Egyptian Goddess channeled above explains to her love the defiling of Egypt for tourism.

This Goddess also tells us the Secret of Egypt and the Future of the Human Race.

I sure hope you enjoyed this one.

Occult Priestess Korinne L Wilson

~ FIN ~

One comment

  1. Your commentary about how the sacredness of life is lost amidst a litter of credit card receipts as we sell our souls daily in this modern strife makes me want to see a new vision come to life.

    Walt Disney created a fantasy land.

    What if the next step was to make many of them via the grassroots folk in each area we call home?

    We already have civil war re-enactments, medieval fairs, Goths, music festivals, folk arts.

    What if we the people started organizing all this alternative energy back to establishing sections outside our cities where people could collaborate and create and live as examples for the city folk who would be given a meaningful way to interact with the people that live in these sacred communities?

    This would provide a money/sanity buffer for the two realms of society both profane and sacred.

    I think because of the internet and because of the pressures put upon us by the psycho controllers and their death trap way of life they promote we have an opportunity to collaborate directly amongst a diverse group more than ever.

    Don’t you feel its only our will to follow our dreams that holds us back? Now, more than ever. Whether you’re more into science or shamanism – its the same result.

    Egypt is weird in that it has such a strong influence but its not used to bring out the best in nature/humanity like I assume it was. Its used for Mummies in Scooby Doo mysteries and as the theme to slot machines while some woman smokes in a scooter chair in some metal building somewhere.

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