The Void and the Shadow

While finding peace on the inside, I spied a Buddha sitting on a lotus. He said come here child, and I prostrated at his feet, “Love be to my Gurus, and the venerable lineage”. The blossoming of a thousand Orchids in the green and in my hair. Then at the Buddha I began to stare. Wise eyes, blue skin, and hair of black, Buddha was staring back. His hand in the air, “No Fear” was the message of his mudra. I bowed my crown, in a prayerful pose. He began to speak in silence to the higher part of me that knows. A buzzing chant began to fill my ears, my eyes the visions of prophets and future years. I am told all are one, I feel the strength and heat of the union. Then a void before me and the words “No Form” reverberating like a skipping phonograph. Drawn to the void I lose touch with my emotions, I become empty. ~ KORE 

The void is like a cosmic reset button when used in ritual for the purpose of starting fresh. The void helps you to lose heavy emotional baggage, to become one with nothing, is a cleansing process. There are other theories about the void, and how it works, yet this is my theory.

You can release bad habits, emotional stress, feelings over a past trauma, illness, etc. You are limited only by your imagination. In Wicca during many Samhain rituals entire covens will “go against the veil”. It’s a chance to stare into the blackness of your own soul, or the void itself, and face whatever stares back at you. Jung may have said going against the veil is a way to face inner “demons” of the psyche.

There are two levels you can approach the veil on. The first approach is about meeting your dark side. The dark side can be made up of many different aspects, yet for those who have done little or no work on this “dark side” will find many inhibitions, character flaws and smothered emotions.

On the other side of the veil you will meet your “second self”. For a woman this would be her Animus, and for a man his Anima. Jung discovered these concepts of the human psyche. The Animus is the male shadow side of the female ego. He holds the ideas and feelings we have towards men, which is usually a conglomerate of our father, male siblings, friends and lovers. I see my Animus just as human as me. He lives within me, shares my thoughts, dreams, and ambitions.

The Animus is a second ego self, and should be acknowledged as an important part of the personality. We feed our animus with truth or lies, goodness or badness. All of our fears, shame, guilt, hidden desires, past trauma and sometimes lunacy is hidden in the realm of the subconscious. It takes a brave person to have the will to journey into this unknown territory.

The form your second self takes on is a projection of your. Pay close attention to what they are wearing, the style of their hair, and facial features. Document them as soon as you can, then analyze what this form is saying about you.

~ FIN ~ 

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