Poetry Darling

Written Recently – by Occult Priestess

Searching astral gateways.

The games that the mind plays.

Reflections of troubled days.

While we sat and wait.

Perfect prose did not offer repose, but describe the struggle of the heart.

Bringing forth the likeness, the high magickal art

We cast a shadow as we too soon depart.

Falling from madness falling from sin we raise and rise one again.

Reborn. Reminiscent ray, bringing forth a happier day

a peaceful way.

Purchase your ticket buy it without delay! It doesn’t take money because the media is free.

All hear the call as we sing One Two Thee, Let It Beee, Ohhh Let it Beee let it be let it be One Two Thee let it be- as we will so mote it be.

Unity, Freedom, We are All One.

Get up with the wisdom.

Seek self in the kingdom, seek self with in, seek self in your recycling bin.

Have a biology of psychology. Transpersonal Awakening. Proving that we aren’t faking. Walking the walk and making the bacon.  Frances would be proud.


 ~ FIN ~

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